There are two cenotaphs or chhatris belonging to the Scindia Family, north of Jayaji Chowk. Chhatris are elevated dome-shaped pavilions used as an element in Indian architecture. They are quite #ornate and are usually built over the funerary site.

The older Scindia chhatris are built in yellow and pink sandstone and are of great architectural value. The first chhatri here is said to have been built in 1817 CE to #commemorate Maharaja Jiyaji Rao Scindia. It is the larger of the pair, and is most remarkable for the intricate outside paneling of interwoven flowers. The interior is a large hall traditionally used for musical recitals. Enclosed within the stone work of the Scindia chhatris are ornately painted scenes depicting the #Maratha royal court in the 19th century.


Thought by ILF Expert Krutika Haraniya
Picture: indialostandfound


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