Notices have been issued to all the 76 Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies of Gwalior district affiliated to the District Cooperative Central Bank for non-submission of financial sheets to the authorized auditors for the financial year 2019-20. Action has been taken under Section 56 (3) of Madhya Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act 1960.

Assistant Commissioner (Audit) Cooperatives Suresh Samle has informed that the primary agricultural credit cooperatives have not submitted their financial sheets to the authorized auditors within the stipulated period. According to the rules, it is mandatory for all cooperatives to get their financial sheets audited in the financial year. Notices have been sent to –

7 institutions in Gwalior bank branch: Purani Chhawani, Jagnapura, Tigra, Baraua, Nurabad, Jaderua Kalan, Jamaahar and Girwai

9 institutions in Morar bank branch: Bijauli, Paarsen, Bilheti, Utila, Badholi, Raera, Supawali, Baheta, Badagaon

Notices are also sent to 8 institutions in Behat bank branch, 10 in Pichhore bank branch, 7 in Aantri bank branch, 9 in Chinor bank branch, 9 in Dabra bank branch and 10 institutions in Bhitarwar bank branch.


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