#KnowYourSaviour – Kaushlendra Vikram Singh, Collector, Gwalior

SCHEDULE: I usually wake up at 7 am. Maximum time is spend over phone these days, receiving thousand calls every day. After reaching office I monitor on-going activities, #sampling, testing, data feeding and schedule next day plans. If a positive case emerges, my whole day gets occupied. There is no fix schedule of anything these days. I sleep at around 3 am.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR: Nothing is vacillate. Outlining #lockdown was important, we launched 24×7 call center, appointment of Incident Commanders, everyday sampling & #testing, contact tracing, precise supply chain of goods, continual delivery of food packets to needy and strict border checking. We made 6 containment zones in #Gwalior and did survey of over 1.72 lakh people in the area.

MAIN FOCUS: To stop further increase in #coronavirus cases, trace the contact and stop further multiplication of virus. Plus to ensure citizens follow lockdown carefully.

DIET PLAN THESE DAYS: Dal, roti, sabzi & rice. I take #turmeric with milk or water at night. I also take a spoon of #chyavanprash every day and sometimes vitamin C tablet.

MOTIVATION: There are no further coronavirus cases, Gwalior is safe and it keeps me motivated. God gives privilege to everybody, I am #fortunate that I am at this position to work for so many people.

NEXT STEP: Stop the spread of coronavirus and take people safely till the end. We have stared 3 round #survey of the district, as of now 1 round is completed. Another major task is to stop outside people from entering the city and perform necessary testing.

MESSAGE TO GWALIOR: People of Gwalior should save themselves from this #pandemic, follow lockdown rules and only go out if there’s an emergency. Also download #AarogyaSetu app to protect yourself from COVID-19.


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