#KnowYourSaviour – Sandeep Kumar Mawkin, Commissioner, Gwalior Municipal Corporation

SCHEDULE: At 7 am I leave home & we monitor field work of cleaning workers till 9 am. After shower & breakfast, I reach office at 11 am and take up #corona related work such as coordination between our Zonal Officers & field staff with Incident Commanders, monitor #water supply, city cleanliness work and street lighting. I inspect development of WTP & STP water treatment tanks and visit Tigra plant & Motijheel once a week. Throughout the day there are various video conferences with #government, area development briefings with MLAs and official meetings. We are also working in upgradation of property and water tax. Around 8 pm I reach home.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR: Until people didn’t come from outside, there was only one case (Babita) in #Gwalior which reflected our efficient system. We were the first in #MadhyaPradesh who started sanitizing private buildings from 12 March, which was even before the #lockdown announcement, we bought sodium hypochlorite along with other sanitizers and started a massive door-to-door campaign covering 20,000 homes in first 3 days. We also created #awareness among citizens about the prevention of #coronavirus. We organized lots of CSR activities, we received 13,000 litre sodium hypochlorite from a company, #Godrej provided us soaps & masks and we also purchased PPE kits along with other essentials. It was all distributed among our cleaning staff of 3000 people to keep them safe. Mechanized machines are sweeping 11 major roads of Gwalior every day. We launched 5 special yellow vehicles to collect #biomedical waste from home quarantined people, the collection team is equipped with PPE kit & sanitizer for visiting approx. 6000 homes everyday. With consultation from Collector & SP sir, we created 3 centers for over 60,000 migrant workers in Nirawli & Malwa College. All distressed labour coming from different states, while some were found beaten, we arranged fresh food, kewra water, tea, poha, jalebi & provided them milk from our gaushala. We made them feel they are also citizens of #India, it was a very touching moment. With help of public, we also arranged footwear & clothing for them thus spreading a positive message of visiting Gwalior. It lasted for 13 days whereas Malwa College center is still operating. We worked on door-to-door food distribution for citizens when grocery shops were closed during lockdown. It was a huge success where we sold 12,000 ration packets.

MAIN FOCUS: To stop coronavirus from entering the city, we diverted several workers outside Gwalior through our Nirawli & Malwa College centers. With approval from Collector sir, we closed small #hospital OPDs to stop mass transmission of virus where one patient is admitted with several others. We developed wholesale #vegetable markets for retailers from where they can sell it to consumers thus preventing community transmission. We cleared yellow/polluted water issue of Gwalior, today there are no complaints about the same.

DIET PLAN THESE DAYS: Having light food as per #WHO standards as we are working at nights too. Boosting #immunity is my focus. We also distributed homeopathic & ayurvedic medicines to our health workers. With god’s blessing no Municipal employee has been infected till now.

NEXT STEP: Corona is yet to be defeated, so we are working on routine #sanitization, road sweeping, park maintenance, street lighting & water supply. Also working with Incident Commanders for contact tracing and keep them in quarantine.

MESSAGE TO GWALIOR: Don’t take coronavirus lightly, take care of yourself, wear mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands with soap regularly. #Interact less with people and avoid public gatherings.


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