ADG Police and senior IPS officer Raja Babu Singh attended tree plantation event in Harishankapuram B-Block, Gwalior.

— To save the #earth and environment, the earth should never be left empty, otherwise it becomes a barren land. To protect the environment, a sheet of greenery is very important on the cover of the earth – Singh
— He made the local residents resolve to protect the earth, #cow and environment
— Local residents of Harishankarpuram have planted over 500 trees near Railway boundary wall in past 3 years
— Singh appreciated the local residents for adopting drip #irrigation techniques under tree plantation drive, tree guarding for environment protection, fencing and water harvesting
— SADA former chairman & senior BJP leader Rakesh Jadon, Om Prakash Gupta, Javed Khan, Sanjay Saxena, Manoj Richharia, Manish Goyal and other were present at the event #GwaliorDevelopment


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