MP Home, Jail, Parliamentary Work, Law Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra attended different programs in Datia –

— Bhumi pujan of Badhoni’s Datia Medical College hostel developed at a cost of Rs. 3.66 crore
— In the #Corona crisis, the #poor were first provided three months ration and after that two months ration was provided so that food problems could not arise for them – Mishra
— Deposited Rs. 1000 each to the accounts of #tribal community
— Announced Rs. 3.50 crore for #Police quarters development in Badhoni
— Distributed Rs. 30 lakh worth ex-gratia and marriage assistance funds to #needy people
— Distributed ration and sanitized people hands at Talaiya mohalla and Agora panchayat of Anandpur
— Inaugurated the campaign for the Prime Minister public welfare schemes


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