#KnowYourSaviour – Vivek Narayan Shejwalkar, Member of Parliament, Gwalior

SCHEDULE: I wake up at 5:30 am, #exercise at home and go out for necessary meetings only. All my family members are at home and we have distributed the household work to everybody. I wash #clothes in washing machine, dusting & jointly clean the house with my grandkids. My helpline number keeps ringing in every 5 minutes throughout the day, I take every call & try to resolve the query. Even at late nights I receive the calls, I am always available to the people. I closely monitor #coronavirus situation in #Gwalior district and deal with all the requests from citizens. I sleep at around 11:30 pm.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR: I have been successful in helping people acquire passes who were stuck in different states. I monitor ward-wise #food distribution & #health services, also supply food to remote areas where it has not reached. Help establish Administration coordination between people who wants to #travel to other cities. As #lockdown has increased till 17 May, we are providing 10 kg more ration to BPL card holders and also focusing on people having APL & other cards. I have sent special request to our CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan to increase more #testing in the region. With my efforts many needy families have received ration and the distribution system have been successfully established.

MAIN FOCUS: People should follow lockdown and second focus is on people don’t face food shortage. Everyone should wear #mask and follow social distancing. We should help & #respect corona warriors such as police, doctor, cleaning staff and everyone working for this pandemic. It was a belief that #Hindustani people followed rules outside the country but not in their own nation, it has been proved wrong, everyone is following lockdown & helping others. People of #India are supporting the vision of PM #NarendraModi, they have shown faith in his leadership. For this I would congratulate every citizen of our nation. People are facing difficulties but they are tolerating for a better tomorrow.

DIET PLAN THESE DAYS: Regular #diet, nothing changed.

MOTIVATION: It’s a conventional duty for me, I keep contact with everybody so that they don’t face any obstacle. That is how I work and nothing has changed, resolving issues of people keeps me #motivated.

NEXT STEP: After lockdown is over, how #unemployed people can get back to work. How to smoothen the process of restarting small businesses & #shops in Gwalior. I will conduct meeting with Administration on how easily life can get back on track. Summers are approaching, we have to work against #water crises.

MESSAGE TO GWALIOR: Don’t think we have won the battle against coronavirus, we are just on the way. It will be a long journey. Stay away from fear, anger & #panic. Corona has very low fatality rate, so don’t worry & don’t take any #risk. Follow #Administration orders & guidelines, if you are alone think about yourself and if you are with public think of everyone.


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