#KnowYourSaviour – Mahip Tejasvi, CEO, #Gwalior Smart City

SCHEDULE: Waking up at 6:30 am, finishing workout, breakfast and gets ready by 10 am. Whole day is spend at office working late till 12 am, sometimes I have to even skip the lunch. Non-stop calls throughout the day, at times I have to wait for bathing for an hour due to regular calls. Finishing the day, after dinner, I usually sleep at around 3 am.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR: Through our Doctor video call consultation service we’ve benefited more than 800 patients till now. We have 4 dedicated 24×7 helpline numbers for #coronavirus pandemic in Gwalior. We launched COVID-19 suspect tracking and information management system which resolve complaints related to corona crisis by generating a ticket which is then directed to dedicated incident commanders of that area. This whole service can be managed through a smartphone. We have around 80 people deployed at the Smart City Command Center to check and analyse #COVID spread. We also launched Sanitization Station & Corona Sample Collection Chamber.

MAIN FOCUS: Containment of coronavirus, wherever we find a positive patient, we ensure it shouldn’t spread further. Till now we’ve found 6 positive cases in the city & there has been no reported cases generated from them, which has been our success. We’ve strongly blocked the multiplication of corona in Gwalior. From our command center, we constantly carry out contact tracing & monitoring. We work with police & administrative officers to identify the suspects from #TablighiJamaat, abroad travellers & other groups.

DIET PLAN THESE DAYS: Basically not having a balanced diet, I’ve reduced food consumption to keep myself active. Only have 3 meals a day, no overeating, tea or snacks. Work is my immunity & tonic.

MOTIVATION: My work keeps me #motivated, no outer force is required. Gwalior is looking upon us, this pandemic is a task of administrative machinery to aware people & motivate them to follow rules. It’s an alarming situation and the ambition to fight against it, I don’t even feel like sleeping. During our studies, we use to be on it 16-18 hours a day & that capacity is paying today. Even if this pandemic extends for 5-6 months, we have the ability to be motivated and continue to face the challenges for a longer time.

NEXT STEP: Our team is working hard, and the day is close when we’ll announce Gwalior free from coronavirus. Virus #transmission, community spread & city borders are being monitored. We are conducting surveys throughout the district, door to door, and looking at data, as of now it’s a good signal there are no probabilities of any corona suspect. Unless someone comes from outside & deliberately spreads it.

MESSAGE TO GWALIOR: We are united as a team, every day we leave our family behind to fight this pandemic, tehsildars, doctors, SDMs, Revenue Inspectors, Municipal Corporation, cleaning guards, police constables, Smart City team, all senior officers, Commissioner, IG, Collector, SP and other officers are doing their bit, our only request is ‘#StayHome’, follow the guidelines by district administration and follow lockdown rules. Everyone wants to help the society for which they want to come out, but please stay at home, that’s the biggest help. Regulatory measures are being taken.


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