#KnowYourSaviour – Navneet Bhasin, SP, Gwalior Police

SCHEDULE: At 7 am I leave home & monitor essential services throughout the city till 10 am. Then I reach office at 11:30 am, extensively supervise police station coordination, direct #food distribution, and schedule next day planning. After lunch, I take an inspection around the city, meet front-line policeman, citizens & attend the meeting at #SmartCity office to figure out next day tasks. I usually sleep at around 1 am.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR: There has been no further increase in coronavirus cases in #Gwalior. Police is actively working with NGOs, citizens, students & administration for food distribution to needy. We have successfully closed the gap between police & public to create more awareness. Over 1000 thermos has been distributed among point-duty constables for hot water. Police also supported home delivery of essential items in the city, which had been very successful. More than 2,500 #policemen are deployed in the district to control this pandemic.

MAIN FOCUS: To manage the growing crowd for PM Jan Dhan Yojana, #monitor Public distribution system and maintain social distancing throughout the city. We have sealed the borders of Gwalior & issued more than 4000 challans during coronavirus #lockdown.

DIET PLAN THESE DAYS: Simple food with fruits & golden (#turmeric) milk at night.

MOTIVATION: #Khaki keeps me motivated. I want to see my city up again & more vibrant than ever.

NEXT STEP: To contain the virus with help of my department & public participation.

MESSAGE TO GWALIOR: We stay at work for you, you stay at home for us.


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