GwaliorBrands – Dindayal Aushadhi

With the evolution of time, only a few families retained their dedicated practice of #Ayurveda that they have inherited from their forefathers. Brand forefathers were the highest line of healers in India (Raj Vaidyas). They were Vaidya to the Royal Dynasty of #Scindia, Gwalior.

In 1927, Vaidya Shri Krishna Das Ji #Chhaparwal nurtured the knowledge he got from his forefathers and used it to cure people. He established Dindayal #Aushadhalaya where he would give treatment to people to free them from their ailments. He started with the manufacturing of Classical Ayurveda Products that developed into patents over the years.

Dr. Gopal Krishna Ji Chhaparwal who graduated from the first batch of The Gwalior Ayurveda College with a gold medal was a renowned Vaidya. He built the #company further and started expansion outside Gwalior into the states of #Rajasthan and UP. He always said that the best raw material is hard to choose and not everyone has the expertise.

In 1979 4th generation joined the business, Anand Mohan Ji Chhaparwal studied B.Pharma from the notable institution, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), #Varanasi. He set up the second manufacturing plant this year. This was the year when 303, the most selling product of Dindayal of the decade was launched. Many Over the counter (OTC) products were launched by him by cultivating the #knowledge of his father Dr. Gopal Krishna Chhaparwal.

In 2017 5th generation of the family, Aditya Chhaparwal joined the business after finishing his graduation from #Delhi University. Aditya’s primary focus is on his family’s legacy and repackaging it in a way that makes it appealing to modern consumers yet keeping the roots of Ayurveda intact. As a brand, Dindayal owns FDA-approved formulations for Ayurvedic proprietary medicine, all produced in-house in the manufacturing unit at Gwalior. There are products that are Ayush Ministry Certified.


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