Coronavirus awareness auto rickshaw launched by Municipal Corporation in Gwalior.

— Vehicles are jointly run by #Municipal, District Administration and Gwalior Police
— Vehicles will advise to take special precautions to avoid coronavirus infection by roaming around the streets of Gwalior
— 10 auto rickshaw with mic were launched by Additional Commissioner Narottam Bhargav
— Awareness will give #information about cleanliness, wash hands for 20 seconds, maintain a 2-metre distance from people suffering from cold or cough, don’t touch your eyes, mouth & nose again and again, wash your hands with soap or sanitizer, clean your #phone and essential items regularly, cover your face while sneezing, if you have corona #symptoms visit doctor immediately and don’t visit public places, drink lots of water, don’t #handshake with people, use shoulder to cover face while sneezing if you don’t have a mask


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