Nitin Gadkari pushes for land acquisition for ‘Chambal Expressway’ near Gwalior. “After becoming chief minister (in March) Shivraj Singh Chouhanji spoke to me about the proposed expressway in Chambal. Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar ji often tells me that the project would open new vistas for development in the region,” Gadkari said. Shivrajji accomplish the work of land acquisition. If you do the work of acquiring 80 per cent government land in three months, I assure you, I will invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lay the foundation stone of the project,” the senior BJP leader added.

It (the project) should not just be a highway. On both sides, industrial units and food clusters should come up. We will open industries along the highway,” said Gadkari, who is also the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Minister.

He said the expressway would generate employment for a huge number of people in the Chambal region whose ravines were once infamous for sheltering dacoits.


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