He said: This musician was playing on the side of a road in Gwalior, India, and I was struck by the bold red color of his clothes. He was sitting in patchy #lighting under a tree with an unimpressive background, which meant any picture of him in this location would be disappointing. I looked for a better #environment nearby and found this columned #interior. My photo tour group and I took many shots of him with various lenses and a variety of angles, and I liked this one the best. I used an ultra wide angle #lens and #photographed the musician from about five feet away. The combination of the close proximity and the use of a wide angle lens produces images with a disproportionately large foreground, and that creates a compelling perspective. I used the highlight and shadow sliders in #Adobe Camera Raw to neutralize the contrast in the scene. Note the outward lean of the columns. This is caused by angling the #camera and lens downward. My settings were 1/100, f/11, and 1250 ISO. The lens I used was a 14-24mm Sigma set to 14mm.


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