Remembering martyr Amarchand Banthia (1793-1858) of Sarafa Bazaar #Gwalior on his 164th martyrdom day, he was one of the hero of first war of Independence. When Rani Lakshmibai of #Jhansi took over Gwalior, her army was fighting against the Britishers but they haven’t received their salary and there was #food shortage. Fight for independence was dying due to lack of economy. Seeing this situation Amarchand, without caring for his life, helped the revolutionaries by handing over the treasury of Gwalior. He made this #money available on 6 June 1857. Four days after Rani Lakhsmibai was martyred at Phool Bagh, under the offence of treason, Britishers hanged Amarchand Banthia publicly at a neem tree in Sarafa Bazaar #Gwalior. He was the treasurer of Gwalior treasury under Scindia dynasty. He was one of very few people to know the information about Gwalior Gangajali treasure.


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