1910 (23 March) usage of Gwalior 1888/94 state overprint of a British India 1883 ½A turquoise green on white laid paper envelope. This envelope, sent from Tonk to Lashkar in Gwalior State, bears a Hindi inscription error (Deschl E9c).

Next image illustrates the inscription error. Reading left to right, the first and second-last characters in #Hindi have been transposed.

Rear of #envelope showing additional postage paid & Lashkar arr (26 Mar) cds. From 1 Oct 1907 to 3 Dec 1918, the letter postage was ½A for 1st 11.66 g (1 tola) and 1A for weight exceeding 1 tola up to 116.6 g (10 tola). The registration fee was 2A from 1 Jul 1885 to 30 Sep 1931.

Picture: stampden


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