1. Late Pt. Gokul Prasad Shastri

Centenary memorial. He was born on 19-7-1919 and worked as Litterateur and Former lecturer at DAV Higher Secondary school, Naya Bazaar, Gwalior. His published book name is Janmashtami and Ramnavmi. Tribute to him on his 100th birth anniversary.
Revered: Sashikant-Mradula Dwivedi, Ravikant-Sushma Dwivedi (Son-Daughter-in-law), Priyanka-Amit, Akansha-Nitin, Garima-Nitin (Grand daughter-Son-in-law), Manisha-Anupam (Bunty), Priya-Shubham, Manas (Grandson), Cheeku, Shanky, Krishna, Bani, Pushkar, Nandini (Great-grandson) and whole Dwivedi family.
Dwivedi Studio, Tansen Road, Gwalior – 9826242658, 8319554783

2. Martyr Pratap Singh Ji Chauhan

Commandant (BSF) (1947-1997), Laid his life for the nation. He sacrificed his life while serving the nation at Jammu and Kashmir.
Revered: Smt. Usha Chauhan (Wife), Engr. Deepa-Manoj Singh Sisodia (Advocate), Ritu-Charitra Singh (BSF Commandant), Priyanka-Dr. Rishi (Associate Professor), Saarika-Pankaj Rawat (Colonel) (Daughter-Son-in-law), Karan Singh Sisodia (Grandson), Khushi, Priyanshi, Samaira, Diva, Divyanshi (Granddaughter)
Home: HIG-1113B, New Darpan Colony, Thatipur, Gwalior

3. Late Devicharan Banwaria

He passed away on 19-07-2008. Remembering him on his death anniversary.
Revered: Kamal Banwaria (Wife), Anil Banwaria-Meena (Son-Daughter-in-law), Anirudh, Avirudh, Sanjay Banwaria-Manju, Pooja-Devendra Banwaria, Avilambh, Ayushman, Manju-Pradeep Sharma, Dolly-Vinod Sharma, Ritu-Rajesh Pathak, Vaibhav, Vaishali, Kuldeep, Aishwariya, Aman, Mukund and Madhav.
Address: 60, Vivek Nagar, Mela Ground, Gwalior, 9425112874

4. Late Dr. Deepali Singh

She was the Professor Management Department, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior (MP). Her students said, “Your outstanding contribution to academia will be remembered forever and you will remain alive in the academic world. Moving ahead with your blessings…”

5. Smt. Bhagwati Devi Shrivastava

Remembering her on 32nd death anniversary.
Revered: Arun Shrivastaa, Rajendra Shrivastava, Sanjay Shrivastava (Son), Snehlata, Kusum, Usha (Daughter), M.D. Shrivastava, Avneesh Shrivastava (Son-in-law), Kiran, Mamta, Nalini, Vandini, Sushma (Daughter-in-law), Ajeet, Ankur, Anuj, Apaar (Grandson), Shubhra (Grandson bride), Manjari, Gunjan, Aditi, Sanjana, Saumya (Grand-daughter) and whole Shrivastava family.
Address: Barge ki Goth, Janakganj, Lashkar, Gwalior. 0751-2380510, +91 9425335701, 9425335704

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