Purchase plants only from government nurseries and develop a model nursery said Gwalior Rural MLA and MP Horticulture Minister Bharat Singh Kushwah –

— Tomato processing unit will be established in Shivpuri – Kushwah
— In various government schemes and programs, plants made available to farmers should be purchased only from government nurseries – Kushwah
— In no case should the plant be purchased from a private nursery – Kushwah
— The demand and requirement of local farmers should be kept in mind in nurseries – Kushwah
— In the nurseries, grow the same plant which is demanded by the farmers – Kushwah
— Closed nurseries in the state will be revived along with development of functional nurseries – Kushwah
— There are extensive possibilities of development in horticulture area. The department will also work for the interests of farmers associated with horticulture. There is huge scope of employment – Kushwah
— Those blocks which are not included in the scheme of subsidy for vegetables will be included in the scheme. To protect the cultivation of horticulture crops like fruits, vegetables etc., the scheme of farm chain fencing is being considered to the farmers – Kushwah
— Principal Secretary Kalpana Shrivastava and other senior officials were present in the review meeting


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