The Expert Committee on Non-Personal Data Governance Framework briefed media today, on various aspects of Data Governance – Non Personal through a virtual press conference. The briefing was chaired by Kris Gopalakrishnan, in the presence of other members of the committee. He along with other members of committee touched upon several emerging and innovative ideas on Non Personal Data such as attempts to give definition of Non-personal Data and the concept of community data and the appropriate rights and privileges over this data, defines three categories – Public, Community and Private, definition of a new concept called Data Business, Open access meta-data registers, Consent for anonymisation of data, sensitivity of Non-Personal Data, defined purposes for data sharing as sovereign purpose, core public interest purposes and economic purposes.

The committee also addressed queries of media on sharing of raw data and derived data, regulatory aspects of Non-Personal Data, harnessing the economic value of data and various legal aspects related to digital regulatory framework to promote the use of Non Personal Data to benefit Indian people and society.

The expert committee requested the media to encourage more and more stakeholders to participate in the ongoing consultation on draft report, where last date of providing inputs is 13th August, 2020.


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