Good Morning from Gwalior fort. On a recent tour, photographer Prayash Giria said, “The last place I visited before Covid-19 struck the planet was Gwalior, for a weekend in February. Once it’s own powerful kingdom, Gwalior is now a curious little town, part gritty and part pleasant. Otherwise nondescript, it contains a sprinkling of fabulous monuments, led by the stunning Gwalior Fort. Set atop a large rocky outcrop, the fort has always been a strategic asset and has changed many hands since its inception in the 6th century. It’s pièce de la résistance is the beautiful Man Mandir, a palace complex built in the 15th century by then ruler Man Singh Tomar for his favourite wife, Mrignayani. It fronts a significant section of the fort, and also serves as one of the primary entrances to the complex. It’s facade merits a long gaze, punctuated as it is by ornate bands of finely carved sandstone, imposing battlements, and stellar tilework.”

He further said, “Details from Man Mandir #Palace, Gwalior Fort. Built in the 15the century for the queen of Gwalior, the palace features wonderfully ornate courtyards and apartments, and offers dramatic views over the city.”

By prayash.giria


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