Indian Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel visited Bateshwar Group of Temples, Mitawli and ancient Aiti Parvat near Morena of Gwalior division. About Aiti Patel said, “In Treta Yuga, Hanuman ji threw Shani Maharaj from Lanka, he reached this mountain and regained his powers by doing penance.”

About Bateshwar Patel said, “The protected Bateshwar temple group #Padmashri KK Muhammad ji has a unique work of heritage preservation, giving such a shape to 75 temples out of 200 temples of 5th and 9th centuries of the Nagara style. The remaining work will start soon.” And about Mitawli Patel said, “The monument preserved at “Mitavali” is a 13th century site. Before the construction of the Sansad Bhawan, Baastukaar Lutyen came here. It is mentioned that he lived in Gwalior for about 6 months. There is evidence of the establishment of 65 Shivlingas.”


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