While addressing the first virtual Cabinet Meeting of Madhya Pradesh from hospital, the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that do not fear corona and take precautions. In case of even minor symptoms, consult doctor. This disease is curable. It is like cough-cold and fever and it can be controlled with alertness.

The Chief Minister further mentioned that he is in good health. Cough is almost over and he is not suffering from fever anymore. He is disposing off necessary works from the hospital itself. Works of people will continue without any disruption. The government is working with full alertness, he added.

Washing my own clothes in hospital

The Chief Minister Chouhan has informed that he is preparing his own tea and washing his own clothes in the hospital. It is must for corona patient to do his own works as far as possible to ensure that no other person get infected with corona. He further said that he has been benefitted by washing his own clothes. He was not able to close his fist fully after the fracture in his hand. He went through physiotherapy for this but now he is able to close his fist because of washing clothes.


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