The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh has to maintain number one position in implementation of centre’s schemes. It is a matter of pleasure that the Street Vendor scheme of the Prime Minister has been implemented first in the state. Now, we also have to implement the Atmanirbhar Bharat yojana first in the state and have to give concrete shape to the plan before any other state in the country.

The Chief Minister Chouhan further stated that prompt action should be taken under the schemes of the centre and cases should be prepared. We have to extend benefits of these schemes to poor, farmers and to the beneficiaries concerned. The Chief Minister was reviewing the preparations pertaining to Atmanirbhar Bharat Package-3 of the Government of India through video conferencing from Chirayu Hospital today.

The Minister for Commercial Tax, Finance, Planning, Economics and Statistics Jagdish Dewda, Minister for Fishermen Welfare and Fisheries Development Tulsi Silawat, Minister for Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Kamal Patel, Minister for Animal Husbandry Prem Singh Patel from Barwani, Minister for Horticulture and Food Processing Bharat Singh Kushwaha from Shivpuri, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains, Agriculture Production Commissioner K.K. Singh and all officers concerned attended the video conferencing.

Will write letter to Prime Minister

The Chief Minister Chouhan instructed all the officers connected to the Atmanirbhar Package to present a draft, if anything is not clear in connection to the package or for any other assistance required from the union government. A letter will be sent to the Prime Minister. He is always ready to help the states, he added.

Fund worth Rs. 7440 crore for Agriculture Infrastructure

The Chief Minister Chouhan has informed that a provision of Rs. 7440 crore till 2023-24 has been made for Madhya Pradesh under the Agriculture Infrastructure Plan, which includes provision of Rs. 744 crore for the current fiscal year. Under this, credit guarantee of Rs. 2 crore per case will be given and exemption of up to 3 percent will be given on interest. The Chief Minister directed that full utilization of this fund should be ensured for development of agriculture infrastructure. With the use of this fund, cold storages, warehouses, silos, food processing units, e-trading platform, ripening chamber, smart agriculture, organic inputs and supply chain related infrastructure could be developed. Under this, a target of two cases is being given to each block in the current fiscal year.

One thousand Farmer Producers’ Organizations to be formed in state

Under this plan of the Centre, as many as One thousand Farmer Producers’ Organizations (FPO) will be formed in the current fiscal year in the state. Rs. 2 thousand to each member of FPO and matching equity grant equivalent to maximum Rs. 15 lakh will be granted by the government to each FPO. Apart from this, a credit guarantee facility of upto Rs. 2 crore will be extended to each FPO. The Chief Minister Chouhan instructed that work to constitute FPOs should be done promptly in each district and along with this the old Farmer Producer Organizations should also be strengthened.

Rs. 2000 crore received against crop insurance for farmers of state

Under the package, special liquidity facility is being provided by NABARD to District Cooperative Banks for crop loans to farmers. Under the same, a proposal of Rs. 3000 crore was sent to the NABARD by the APEX Bank, out of this Rs. 2000 crore has been sanctioned by the NABARD for the state, which has been received by the bank. The amount has been sent to the district cooperative banks for loan distribution among the farmers. In view of corona crisis, the due date of loans of Kharif 2019 and Rabi 2019-20 has been extended to August 31, 2020. The Chief Minister Chouhan congratulated all the concerned for this achievement.

Over 9.50 lakh farmers of the state to get Kisan Credit Cards

Kisan Credit Cards are to be issued to 9 lakh 87 thousand farmers of the state by the banks under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana through Credit Card Yojana. Out of these, cards have been issued to nine lakh three thousand farmers. Action has to be taken to issue Kisan Credit cards to the remaining 63 thousand 526 eligible farmers. For this, the limit amount of Rs 334.71 crore has been approved by the Government of India. With this, Kisan Credit Cards will also be given to 2 lakh 68 thousand milk producers of the state. Chief Minister Chouhan directed that it should be ensured that every farmer gets a Kisan Credit Card. For this, he himself will hold a state level meeting with the bank officials.

Three percent interest subsidy under Horticulture and Food Processing Scheme

Along with promotion of various horticulture crops under Horticulture and Food Processing Scheme, a loan guarantee up to Rs two crore and three percent interest subsidy will be given by the government for supply chain, marketing linkages, pack houses, sorting and grading units, cold chains, primary processing centres and ripening chambers etc. Chief Minister Chouhan issued instructions for the implementation of the scheme.

Vaccination and tagging of 290 lakh cattle

Nearly all 290 lakh cattle of cow and buffalo progeny of the state will be vaccinated and tagged under the provisions related to animal husbandry in the package. For this, a proposal of Rs 301 crore 76 lakh was sent to the central government by the state from which an amount of Rs 48 crore 82 lakh has been released by the Government of India for the first phase. Tagging of 70 lakh cattle of the state has also been done. Chief Minister Chouhan congratulated the concerned people for their prompt work.

Two percent interest subsidy to Dugdha Sanghs

Under this scheme, the Dugdha Sanghs of the state will be given two percent annual grant on the interest given on loan by the Government of India. A proposal has been sent to the National Dairy Development Board for a total working capital of Rs 40 crore to two Dugdha Sanghs of the state. Of this, Rs 20 crore will be for Indore Dugdha Sangh and Rs 20 crore for Ujjain Dugdha Sangh.

Extend benefits of Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

Chief Minister Chouhan directed to extend maximum benefits to fishermen by proper implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana in each district. It was informed that proposals worth Rs 149.44 crore have been received in the districts under the Prime Minister Matsya Sampada Yojana. Out of this, the Centre’s share is Rs 45.41 crore, state’s share is Rs 30.04 crore and the amount of beneficiary’s share is Rs 73.99 crore.


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