The lockdown shocked all industries in Bundelkhand and Gwalior, they could not escape it. But the toffee industry started running as soon as the lockdown opened. Although many people may not know Gwalior for #toffee, the soft toffee made here is sold in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. During the lockdown, the industry was almost brought to a standstill, but as soon as the lockdown was unlocked, orders came into play.
Toffee has 20-25 factories in Gwalior and produces 40-50 tonnes of goods daily. This industry, with an annual turnover of around Rs. 30–35 crore, provides employment to about 3,000 people. Most of the laborers and workers are locals, so the #industry did not face the shortage of workers. The law of social distance is definitely disrupting production, but goods worth fulfilling orders are still being made here.

Dominated by Sindhis Gwalior toffees compete with big brands in the countryside and small towns. Sushil Kumar Bahrani, who manufactures the brand name TK RK, says that his toffees are sold in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, and are widely accepted in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. Bahrani claims that soft toffees like Gwalior are not manufactured anywhere in the country. To make the candies soft, fat has to be used a lot in the raw material. But according to Bahrani, the #water of Gwalior itself softens the toffee. That is why, if you have to put 10 kg of fat in 100 kg of goods, then in Gwalior, only 2 kg of fat is used for softening the toffees made in other parts of the country. Its biggest advantage is that the cost decreases.


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