“Kathak Sadhna Mahotsav” organized by Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts University #Gwalior. This event is being organized by Dr. Anjana Jha, HOD of Kathak Dance Department on Thursday of every month for three consecutive years.

The first presentation of the program was given by MA (fourth semester) student Pooja Mandil. The dance started with Shiva Shloka. The lyrics of which were “Karpoor Gaurum Karunavatharan Samsarasaran Bhujgendraharam Sada Vasantham Hridayar Vinday Bhavan Bhavani Satyam Namami.” After that the three talas presented 16 matra of that, udaan, tode and tihai. Then finally Thumri in the Bhava Paksha was presented. This Thumri music is composed by Emperor Raja Chakradhar Singh, in which he describes the Navaras. The lyrics of which – “Gori Saloni Tore Naina”.

The second presentation was given by MA fourth semester student Pooja Kushwaha, who started with Shri Ram-stuti, with the words “Namami Bhakta Vatsalam Kripalu Sheel Komalam”. After that, three talas 16 matra of that, udaan toda and tihari were presented, then finally presented the thumri in the Bhava Paksha with the lyrics – “Roko ka dagar more Shyam”.

This “Kathak Sadhna Mohotsava” was organized by Kathak dance Associate Professor & HOD Dr. Anjana Jha of Raja Mansingh Tomar Sangeet and University of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). In the end, she expressed gratitude towards Chancellor Shiv Shekhar Shukla and all the audience.


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