Tourism professor Ramakrishna Kongalla shares insight about Sas-Bahu temple, he said, “This 900 Yrs Old Sahasra-Bahu Temple locally known as Saas-Bahu Temple is from Gwalior fort built by Kacchapaghata rulers.
These twin temples have seen the glory of Great Maan Singh Tomar & also the obscurity of the Gwalior fort as Political Prison of Mughals.

These twin #temples have more than 1000 Murtis but not a single Murti has survived the Ransacking. Not a single Murti has the face.

The one in the picture is smaller temple & locally it is famous as temple of #Shiva but the Garuda Vishnu on Lalatabimba suggest it as the temple dedicated to Vishnu.

This small temple’s Garbha Griha & Shikhara is lost. Only Mukha Mandapa and Maha Mandapa survived.”


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