Tale of two courageous Rajmatas –

During Emergency, Indira #Gandhi’s targets were the charismatic Rajmatas of Gwalior & Jaipur. They were popular for getting votes in their former kingdoms. To dim their aura, government charged them as smugglers & income tax evaders. Detained under Maintenance of Internal #Security Act (MISA).

Rajmata Vijaya Raje’s health worsened in prison, and numerous cases were slapped against the #family, with only her daughter (Yashodhara Raje Scindia) left to handle them. But Rajmata refused to quit Jana Sangh & remained in #jail. She said, she would be letting her followers down if she signed the 20 point programme.

Gayatri Devi said she wanted to quit politics after the #death of Rajaji. She signed the 20 point programme & dissociated herself & came out on parole on her #health grounds.

By mansimukund


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