‘Women and Mobility” case study of Gwalior by The Asia Foundation, CSR and Safetipin.

— Conducted research on women’s safety in public transport and public places in Gwalior
— Study shows that women in Gwalior consider public spaces and public transport unsafe
— 2.5 out of 5 safety score of Gwalior
— “Mostly men walk around in these areas. There are hardly any women. I feel unsafe here”, an Auditor at DD Nagar, Gwalior
— In Gwalior, walkpath, people, visibility, gender usage, feeling & openness was rated high, whereas lighting, security and public transport were rated low
— Gwalior city has low support to women’s mobility needs
— Places in Gwalior were public transport is rated high there is poor lighting and walkpath
— 64% women in Gwalior rely on autos and Tata magics for their daily #commute and 11% women reported using buses (Started recently in Gwalior)
— 97% women rated secluded or an isolated place was important reason for feeling unsafe
— Field survey conducted highlights that many women perceive using and waiting for public transport as unsafe
— 29% women (62 respondents out of 219) reported having experienced sexual harassment in a public place in the past one year
— 22% instances of #sexual harassment were found in Gwalior
–35% instances of sexual harassment faced by women while using public transport in Gwalior
— Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were conducted with various urban #transport providers in Gwalior
— “I have seen girls smoking and drinking with boys in public. They invite trouble for themselves.” says a Transport Provider in Gwalior
— 75 field surveys with women in Gwalior
— 2387 Safetipin applications audited


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