Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Anganwadi centres have an important role in removing malnutrition of children and women and keeping them healthy. Its importance has increased even more during the Covid-19 phase. Other departments should also assist in enabling Anganwadi centres. Officers and ministers should also assist in making necessary changes in the arrangements by inspecting the Anganwadi centers during the tour in the districts. Cent percent results can be obtained by preparing an action plan for nutrition campaign. Improvements must be made in the implementation of women and child development schemes at the grassroots level. Whatever shortcomings are noticed must be fulfilled. Chief Minister Chouhan directed that to make various arrangements at Anganwadi centers, the Women and Child Development Department should increase coordination with various departments. Chief Minister Chouhan gave these instructions while reviewing the operation of Anganwadis of the state through video conference from the hospital on Sunday.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the stigma of malnutrition should be removed by creating a movement and mass campaigning. Its action plan should be prepared by next August 15. Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Anganwadi workers have done a good job under the circumstances of Covid-19, for which they deserve to be lauded.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the target of providing nutritious food to children through Anganwadi should be fulfilled. The goal is to construct 100 percent Anganwadi centre buildings in the state. From now on, Anganwadi centers will not be operated in any house in the state. They will get their own buildings. Arrangements for it must be made in community buildings or other vacant government buildings. Woman and Child Development Department Minister Imarti Devi, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains, Additional Chief Secretary Manoj Shrivastava, Principal Secretary Ashok Shah were present in the review meeting.

Concrete arrangement of ready to eat and take home ration must be made

Chief Minister Chouhan instructed through video conference from the Chirayu Hospital that during the Covid-19 infection period, the work of providing ready-to-eat nutritional supplements to all children in the 3-6 age group should be done smoothly by the 53 thousand 668 self-help groups. Be operated with. Ready to eat arrangements have been made under the implementation of Local for Vocal. As per the the same provision, all eligible beneficiaries should be ensured provision of take home ration in intervals of 15 days. This responsibility should be fulfilled by the Anganwadi workers. Chief Minister Chouhan said that monitoring of the nutritional level and immunization of children is also being done in small groups at designated places by measuring their weight. Anganwadi workers should also visit people’s houses and advise them on prevention of Corona infection. Chief Minister Chouhan also sought information about supply of nutritious food to eligible beneficiaries of families who migrated to Madhya Pradesh during Corona infection period.

Work on three-tier strategy must

Chief Minister Chouhan has said that the Women and Child Development Department should prepare a three-level strategy and ensure its implementation. The works to be done immediately must be prioritized while short term and long term goals should be set. Quarterly, half yearly and yearly targets can be fixed. Information technology based system should be developed for inspection of Anganwadi centers. It can also be linked to a single citizen database. With better monitoring system, the role of Anganwadi centers will become even more important.

Usefulness of Anganwadi centers must be increased by removing their drawbacks

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the utility of Anganwadi centers should be enhanced by removing their drawbacks. Drinking water arrangements should be ensured in the centers. For this, arrangements should be made after studying the possibility of hand pump installation and water supply from the pipeline. In centers where there are no kitchen sheds and toilets, efforts must be made to arrange them. Chief Minister Chouhan instructed the Panchayat and Rural Development Department to ensure these arrangements under the Clean India Mission. Chief Minister Chouhan also asked the Health Department to remain active to ensure better operation of Anganwadi centers. Chief Minister Chouhan said that in the context of the new education policy, the system of primary education at Anganwadi center level is a challenge, which should be carried out in coordinaion with the School Education Department and efforts should be made to achieve good results.

Important services of Anganwadi centers

It was informed in the review meeting that the six important services of Anganwadi centers include supplementary nutritious food, nutrition and health education, health check up, vaccination, pre-school education and reference services. The beneficiaries of the center include children from six months to three years, children in the 3-6 age group, dropout adolescent girls in the 11 to 14 age group, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

About 84 thousand 465 Anganwadi centers and 12 thousand 670 mini Anganwadi centers, in this way a total of 97 thousand 135 Anganwadi centers are operating in the state. These centers are divided into 3409 sectors, operating with 50 percent share of the central and 50 percent share state government. Centers are operational in 313 blocks of the state.

Instructions by Chief Minister Chouhan

All Anganwadi centers open regularly. Arrangements should be made that regular information about opening or not opening of the center can also be made available.

The support of the society in nutrition campaign should be sought. Common man must be given the responsibility. One team from each village must be formed. Efforts should be made to get better results.

Separate gram sabhas should be organized by the Women and Child Development Department which give the message of nutrition campaign, health vaccination in full preparation along with the Health Department, local administration and other allied departments in the districts. These meetings should take place at the end of this month or the beginning of September, should be well planned and systematic. Women and Child Development Department should also promote the nutrition campaign.

It is necessary to involve the collector and his team with the nutrition campaign. Each place has a different nutritional status. Work should be conducted accordingly. For example, Shivpuri requires intensive efforts.

Regular review of departmental activities must be conducted so that we know where we stand.

Anganwadi workers get honorarium amount on time.


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