Those not wearing masks when leaving the house will not only be challaned, but will also be given two free masks. Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh said this while launching the campaign “Ek Mask – Anek Zindagi” through video conferencing from his residence. He flagged off the promotional chariots of many urban bodies including Sagar.

Only my mask saved me from infection

The Urban Development and Housing Minister said that despite having come in contact with many Corona infected people, I remained safe from infection due to mask and gloves. He said that I have undergone Corona test twice. Singh said that the infection is increasing but people are becoming careless. He said that the mask is the simplest and cheapest way to avoid Corona. Singh said that mask banks will be established in all the bodies with the cooperation of donors and voluntary organizations. People will be able to donate masks and non-government organizations and citizens can get masks also. Masks will also be provided at major squares. He said that the infection is more in urban areas, so the role of urban bodies is important. Awareness vehicle rally was taken out in several bodies including Bhopal, Indore and Sagar.

Committee of Swayamsevaks will be formed in all wards

Singh said that a committee of 21 Swayamsevaks will be formed in all the wards of the urban bodies. The committee members will go door-to-door to distribute pamphlets to citizens as well as advise them to drink hot water, not to use cold things, apply masks when they leave the house and adhere to social distancing. Singh said that the campaign should be widely publicized through print, electronic and social media.

Corona Campaign II till August 14

Singh said that the Kill Corona campaign – II will continue till August 14. He said that all have made combined efforts to stop Corona infection but the challenge is yet to come. Singh said that urban bodies should play an active role in this campaign. He said that as per the Chief Minister “Sankalp ki Chain Jodo, Corona ki Chain Todo”


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