Additional Chief Secretary Health Mohammad Suleman said that all arrangements are being made to prevent Corona infection and for proper treatment of infected persons. Work is being done on priority for timely identification, arrangement for quarantine and timely testing of Corona suspects in the state. The society will also have to play an important role in these efforts being made by the state government for Corona control and treatment. Rapid antigen tests are now being started in the state. The Additional Chief Secretary, Health met media representatives in the Samanvay Bhavan on Sunday and informed about the campaign being conducted at the state level for Covid-19 and the arrangements being made by the state government.

Suleman said that the effective way to prevent the spread of infection of global pandemic like Corona is to break the Corona chain by taking all precautions. Lockdown is not a permanent solution. It adversely affects the economy and livelihood of the people. It is better to take necessary precautions and strictly follow guide line to prevent people from Corona infection. People should not go to crowded places without urgent work, must wear mask essentially while leaving the house.

Giving information about Corona control and treatment, the Additional Chief Secretary said that health arrangements at many levels have been improved to treat Corona infected in the state. In this, the testing capacity has been increased from 600 per million to 9334 per million. He informed that fever clinics, testing capacities are being increased and quarantine centers are being operated on priority basis in each district. Along with this, effective work is being done for Corona control by Identify, Isolation, Test and Treat based on the I.I.T.T method.

Suleman said that Madhya Pradesh is in better condition in Corona infection. Initially, the state was ranked 3rd-4th in the country. Now the state has come to the 15th position in terms of active cases and recovery rate. Fatality rates have improved and has come down from 10.3 percent to 2.7 percent. The state’s share in the number of active cases in the country amounts to only 1.6 percent.

AIIMS director Dr. Sarman Singh said that Corona affects more to those people who have low immunity or who have heart or lung disease. Also, Corona virus quickly infects children and the elderly. Dr. Singh said that Corona infection is easily treatable in the early stages, whereas in advanced stage it becomes difficult to save the patient. Therefore, as soon as there are symptoms of cold, cough, flu, a doctor must be consulted immediately. In the early stages, the patient can be treated by home quarantine. Dr. Singh informed that Sero Surveillance i.e. Rapid Antigen Tests are being started in Bhopal, Ujjain and Indore with which more number of tests can be done in less time. The results of this will also be obtained soon.

Health system made better

It was informed that the bed capacity of hospitals in the state has been increased. The number of general beds has been increased from 2428 to 24 thousand 560. The number of general beds with oxygen is 5,983 which will be increased to 7,910 by August 31. HDU beds are 1188 which will be increased to 2204 by the end of this month. The number of ICU beds has been increased from 537 to 681, which is being increased to 1606 by the end of this month. At present 22 percent of the total capacity of General Beds and General Beds with Oxygen is being used. At the same time, 29.9 percent ICU beds are being used for the treatment of Corona.

Commissioner Public Relations Dr. Sudam Khade and Director, National Health Mission Chhavi Bhardwaj were present on the occasion.


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