Covid-19 patient Lokesh Sharma of #Gwalior shares his personal experience of Covid Center at Shramodaya Vidhyalaya at Maharajapur. He said –

— Provided with comfortable single bed, you can bring sports equipments with yourself for passing your time
— There are resident doctors
— Very #clean and open space campus
— You get nutritious# breakfast, lunch and dinner. Timely provided with kadha twice a day
— Everyday data and #screening is recorded for treatment accordingly
— He received 30-40 calls from #Police, Administration & Health Department after his report came positive
— Perform #yoga to increase immunity
— Help family of #Corona patient
— In any case never misbehave with doctors, there can be misunderstanding
— Corona is more of a #fear but actually it’s a basic infection, don’t panic
— It’s just a time of fashion going on where you come here, get cured and return home healthy


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