Sharanya Chandran presented her first live Facebook Bharatanatyam performance for Upaj Academy of Performing Arts, Gwalior on 31 July.

She the daughter and disciple of (Padma Shri) Geeta Chandran, Sharanya has been passionately learning, choreographing and performing Bharatanatyam since the tender age of 4, and has danced extensively in India and overseas both as a solo artist and as a senior member of the Natya Vriksha Dance Company.

Sharanya began her #performance with the Dance of Shiva, Bho Shambo in Rag Revathy. She presented the multiple facets of Shiva- Nataraja – Shiva as a symbol of change, as Gangadhar, Karunakar, Swayambhu, Nirgun, Anant, etc. Sharanya’s dance was confident, with clean lines and flawless body postures.

Next, Sharanya presented a Meera pad, Baso More Nainan mein nandlal. Meerabai’s utmost #devotion to Krishna was brought out in this piece, where Sharanya’s soulful Abhinaya or expressions were really moving.

Sharanya concluded the performance with a tillana in Rag Rageshwari. Introducing the piece, Sharanya demonstrated a korvai/ padhant of the tillana by reciting it in talam, which was impressive. The tillana was full of complex rhythmic patterns and Sharanya wove them beautifully through aesthetic #choreography and body postures. The diverse pieces brought out Sharanya’s versatility as a dancer and the performance was a delight to watch.
The choreography of the items was by Sharanya’s guru (Padma Shri) Geeta Chandran.

The credits for the music track: Vocal – Sudha Raghuraman, Nattuvangam – Geeta Chandran, Mridabdam – R Sriganesh, Flute – Shri G Raghuraman.

Sharanya thanked to director N. K. JHa and Dr. Anjana Jha and the Upaj Academy of Performing Arts for providing her with this unique platform for sharing her dance.


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