Traveller Surabhi Kumari shares her memorial trip to Gwalior –

“The first city on my list was Gwalior. I stayed there for 2 days. I took the train from #Delhi to Gwalior which was close 5 hours ride.

On day one I visited Gwalior Fort. You get to see the whole of town from up. It’s one of the best maintained forts and beautiful forts in India.

Close to this are two temples by the name Sas-bahu temple. And the architect again is breathtaking.
Next day, I visited Tansen’s palace a notable musician in Akbar’s court. Then I went to see the Gwalior palace. It wasn’t my favorite to say the least.

Then I took the cab to see the place I was most excited for ‘Chausat Devi’s temple’ 64 Kms away from Gwalior. The parliament of India’s architecture is inspired from it. The sad part was that when I visited this place there were no tourists and only villagers. MP Tourism may do a better job here to attract tourists. And lastly I visited sun temple.”

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