Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to the people of the state to protect themselves from Corona by adhering to social distancing i.e. maintaining safe distance of two yards, always using masks and washing hands frequently with soap or using sanitizer. By taking these measures, Corona cannot affect anyone. He urged to be careful. Chief Minister Chouhan thanked all the Corona warriors who are serving patients day and night.

After being discharged from Chirayu hospital today, Chief Minister Chouhan said in his message to the common man that they must undergo investigation as soon as symptoms of Corona appear. Those affected by the virus must not hide facts. This can put them, their families the people around them at risk. There is no need to get afraid of Corona. Corona can be defeated by timely treatment. It is not an incurable disease. Also, you must make efforts not to get affected by the virus. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he himself is a Corona warrior. He has defeated the disease. On the basis of experience it seems necessary to say that there is no need to panic. The government has made all arrangements for treatment, but efforts must be made to ensure that the need to get treated does not come at all.

Do not crowd markets, do not organize events

Chief Minister Chouhan has appealed that no major events should be organized at the moment. There should not be crowded weddings. Markets should not be crowded. If a crowd gathers, it will be like inviting trouble. Save yourself. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he was also reviewing the condition of Corona in the state from the hospital. The entire state is reviewed every day. Cooperation of common man is necessary to eliminate the disease. With strong determination, we will fight and win, the state will win and the country will win.


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