The fort of Gwalior is one of the most ancient forts of India, as proven by the study of the epigraphs found here
The #earliest #inscription in the fort is found in the Sun Temple, which was built in 530 AD during the reign of Mihirakula, and refers to him as “the #lord of the earth”

The Teli temple of the Gwalior Fort was constructed by Mihira Bhoja between the 8th century and #9thcenturies
In 1232, it was #captured by Iltutmish, and an inscription was made by him on the Urwahi Gate

It was later seen by #Babur in 1527, which he recorded: “Above the Gate leading from the valley to this walled-well, the name of Sultan Shihabu’d-Din Ailtmish (Iltutmish) is inscribed, with the date A. H. 630 (1232 AD).” However, this epigraph was lost and could not be traced later.

Thought by ILF Expert Prisha Tiwari
By upopcontemporary/indialostandfound


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