Today 5 new startups have been evaluated through online video conferencing by Gwalior Smart City Incubation Center ‘Dream Hatcher’. They gave detailed information about their ideas, and also told about the #business plan, financial plan etc. Smart City JEO Jayati Singh told that these startups have been selected initially. After this they will show the prototype of their product based on which further selection process will be done.

1. Manoj Yadav: Ideas for operating IoT based home and office appliances by voice command
2. Virag and Anurag Bohare: Sanitary pad making machine
3. Arun Sharma: Ideas for making GPS related hardware and software
4. Nikunj Kinkoria: Ideas for making cremation wood and other goods from the cow dung
5. Rahul Kulshrestha: (Green Fodder) Idea of cultivating green fodder


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