The station in-charge Prashant Yadav said that five traders had formed a Sanjha Group and had poured patti worth lakhs of rupees a month. The group was headed by Hukumchand Jaiswal, a readymade #textile businessman from Nazarbagh Market in Gwalior. The group started from 15 August 2019. Every month Ramkumar’s son Mohanlal resident Jagan Bhaiya ki gali and four other traders deposited lakhs of rupees as installments with the accused. When the accused collected the money, he used to give them to people at #interest.

When more than Rs. 31.30 lakh were deposited, the complainant asked for his money back. The accused continued to entertain them. On 21 July 2020, his #mobile was switched off and other contacts were cut off, and he felt that the accused escaped with his money. The police have registered a case of criminal breach of trust.


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