The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that under the proficient leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, positive changes are taking place in the field of Good Governance in the country. Madhya Pradesh is also committed to give concrete shape to his concept of Good Governance and Atma-Nirbhar Bharat and works at accelerated pace is being done in this context in the state. The aim of organizing webinar with subject experts is to prepare best plans in various sectors and their effective implementation in the state. Madhya Pradesh will act promptly to deliver benefits of the conclusions drawn from the contemplation in the webinar. The Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the concluding session of the webinar held on the subject ‘Good Governance under the Atma-Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh today.

At the webinar, Vinay Sahastrabuddhe said that Madhya Pradesh has set records in the field of Good Governance under the efficient leadership of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Public Service Guarantee Act, implemented in Madhya Pradesh has also been replicated by other states. This is most useful in terms of Good Governance. Along with this, remarkable works in the field of agriculture and employment generation are being carried out in Madhya Pradesh. The ‘Rozgar Setu’ portal launched by Madhya Pradesh is very effective, he added.

4 Key challenges for Good Governance

On the subject key challenges for good governance and solutions, Sahastrabuddhe said that good governance has four key challenges i.e. 1. Lack of attaining objectives 2. Lack of trust 3. Lack of sense of proprietary and 4. Lack of mutual relationship. If these are eliminated then certainly we can bring good governance in the country and state. He also emphasized on re-consideration on government rules and laws and simplification of procedures.

Significant contribution of Ananda Sansthan in enhancing perfect lifestyle and positivity

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Rajya Anand Sansthan has contributed significantly in enhancing perfect lifestyle and positivity in the government staff and the general public in the state. This has changed the working style of the government staff and they are now working not just for job sake, but for a greater purpose of development of state. He urged NITI Aayog to assess this change.    

Change suggestions into plans and policies soon

Expressing gratitude, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains said that the suggestions of the subject experts received in the webinar will soon be converted into schemes and policies in the state and their benefits will be given to the public.  

Prominent suggestions from subject experts

  • Implement the concept of ‘Ease of Life’ by the state government.

  • Digital facilities should be expanded so that the general public can get basic facilities at home.

  • A person can get his work done without physical presence in government offices through “Faceless Technique”.

  • Work should be done to connect talented youth working in various fields with the government system.

  • Information of all departments of the government should be made available on a single database.

  • e-office system should be encouraged.

  • “Outsourcing Corporation” should be created in the state, which should do outsourcing work for all departments.

  • “Work from Home” should be encouraged.

  • All departments should develop “dashboards” at the district level so that online monitoring can be done by the collector.

  • “CM Citizen Care Portal” should be started by expanding the CM Helpline.

  • Drone technology should be used in revenue, agriculture, irrigation etc.

  • Implementation of schemes and programmes should be tested on the basis of “outcome indicators”.

  • “Performance Indicators” will be fixed for assessing work of employees.

  • Arrangement of citizen-centric monitoring of government activities.

  • There should be a “third party” evaluation of the implementation of beneficial schemes.

  • “Sunset clause” should be implemented in laws and rules, so that they can be reviewed after a period of time.

  • Digitalize “Aage aayen, Labh uthayen”. On uploading the information, one gets information about eligibility. 

  • Increase “Telemedicine” and “Online education facility” in the state.

  • “Centre of Excellence” to promote “Artificial Intelligence”, “Block Chain”, “Drone”, “Cloud”.

  • Government laws and procedures must be simplified.

  • All Acts, Rules etc. should be available on one website.

  • Reforms in rules and regulations with the support of educational institutions like I.I.T., I.I.M., National Law University, industrial organizations, civil society.


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