Rs 5,000 monthly pension to children orphaned in Corona pandemic
Free treatment to Black fungus patients
Work more stringently to control Corona infection in Ujjain
Opening of Medical college in Ujjain announced
CM holds talks with members of district and tehsil level Crisis Management Group

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that we have reached the decisive phase of winning the battle against Corona in Madhya Pradesh. Positivity rate is steadily declining in the state. The recovery rate is on the rise. There is adequate arrangement of oxygen beds, ICU beds and Remdesivir injections. Black fungus disease will also be treated free of charge. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the fight against black fungus will be given the form of a mass movement. We all have to fight it unitedly.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing members of all the districts of Ujjain division and tehsil level Crisis Management Groups through webcasting from Ujjain district on Wednesday. The Chief Minister said that post-Covid Care Centers will be set up in every district. At present, many cases of black fungus and blood clots have occurred after Corona infection. Now we have to tackle this new crisis as well. The Chief Minister asked the Collectors and Crisis Management Group members of all the districts to make and send a list of orphaned children who had lost their parents to Corona infection, so that such children can be given an amount of Rs five thousand every month.

The Chief Minister said that the government will make provision of free ration and free education for these children. On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced to open a medical college in Ujjain district soon.He said that recently funds have been transferred to the accounts of rural street vendors. Soon, funds will also be transferred to the accounts of construction workers and self-help groups. The Chief Minister told the collectors of all the districts and members of the Crisis Management Group that the time to come will prove to be decisive in the battle against Corona, so strict adherence to public curfew must continue for the next 10 to 12 days. No relaxation should be made in Janata curfew till May 31.

Among those who took part in the webcast were Finance Minister Shri Jagdish Deora, Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, MP Shri Anil Ferozia, Deputy Chairman of Jan Abhiyan Parishad Shri Vibhash Upadhyay, MLA Shri Bahadur Singh Chauhan, MLA Shri Paras Jain, IG Shri Yogesh Deshmukh, Collector Shri Ashish Singh, Superintendent of Police Shri Satyendra Kumar Shukla and public representatives.

Compassionate appointment on death of employees

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the state government stands firmly with its employees who are battling against Corona while working in the field. Whether it is a contract worker or a regular employee, ASHA or Anganwadi worker, outsourced employee or Kotwar, if any of them dies, his family will be given a compassionate appointment on priority basis.

Officers should visit homes of orphans

Praising the innovation by Mandsaur district, the Chief Minister directed the collectors of all the districts to visit the homes of children orphaned by Corona. It may be noted that in Mandsaur district, the administrative officials are visiting the homes of orphans personally to enquire about their well being.

Launch campaign for Corona-free Panchayats

The Chief Minister asked all the group members to make every effort at their level to make Panchayats Corona-free. After Corona free Panchayat, there should be Corona free Wards, Corona free Blocks and Tehsils also. The number of Corona cases in the next 11 days should become zero. Make a special action plan and prevent infection under all circumstances.

Make special preparations to stop the third wave of Corona

The Chief Minister said that we should not rest in peace and assume that the Corona has come to an end. Corona is a deadly virus that can strike anyone at any time. Experts have expressed the possibility that a third wave of Corona is inevitable. The Chief Minister said that all collectors and group members should make special preparations to deal with the third wave of Corona. Special wards should be made for children, fully equipped with ICU beds, oxygen beds, medicines and other resources.

Kill Corona campaign must continue

Praising the Kill Corona campaign launched in all the districts, the Chief Minister said that through this campaign, patients of cold, cough and fever are being identified in every house and infection is being prevented to a great extent by providing medical kits. The Kill Corona campaign should continue the entire population should be covered in it.

Public representatives apprise with status of Corona infection

Higher Education Minister and member of District Crisis Management Group, Dr. Mohan Yadav said that the beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat Yojana must not be made to pay for treatment in contracted hospitals. We should ensure that the beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat Yojana get treated in the contracted hospitals. MP Shri Anil Ferozia said that according to the discussion with the Gas Authority of India, oxygen plants will be set up in the district soon. MLA Shri Paras Jain urged to dismantle Jeevajiganj Hospital and rebuild it. Mahidpur MLA Shri Bahadur Singh Chauhan urged for an additional arrangement of 100 beds in the Government Hospital at Mahidpur. Tarana MLA Shri Mahesh Parmar urged the Chief Minister to make arrangements for 25 beds in the tehsil headquarters. The pace of vaccination in Tarana should be further accelerated and in view of the problem of drinking water, arrangements for drinking water should be made.Ghattiya MLA Shri Ramlal Malaviya urged that 10 ICU beds each should be arranged in Ghattiya, Unhel and Narwar, so that the patients there do not have to come to Ujjain. Shri Vivek Joshi informed about providing CT scan machine and Shri Bahadur Singh Bormundla about 10 oxygen beds each provided from Tappa Tehsil to townships.

Collectors gave presentation on Corona

In a review of Ujjain district, Collector Shri Ashish Singh informed that the positive rate in Ujjain district has come down below 10 percent. On this, the Chief Minister said that work should be done more strictly to control Corona infection in Ujjain. Maximum sampling should be done.

Collector Shri Singh informed through a power point presentation that Kill Corona campaign is being conducted successfully in the district. Two surveys have been conducted and the third one is in progress. The Chief Minister said that the survey team in the villages should visit every house and seek information. Patients with cold, cough and fever should be treated immediately. Medical kits should be distributed to them so that the chain of infection can be completely broken. Serious patients should be referred for isolation and hospital. Collectors of all the districts informed about the preparations being made for Corona through a Power Point presentation.

Create Micro Containment Areas

The Chief Minister said that micro containment areas should be created in places with more cases in the city. Corona infection should be fished out and eliminated right there. The Chief Minister said that all districts should increase their number of tests. Under no circumstance should the tests be reduced. People living in home isolation should also be taken care of. People whose homes are small should be admitted to isolation centers. The Chief Minister said that in the coming time it will be ensured that there is no dearth of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff in the Health Department. Order for CT scan machine has been given. The Chief Minister said that the patients of Corona who have returned home after recovering, also have to be cautious. If they have symptoms of black fungus, then they must consult the doctors. There will be no shortage of medicines for this. The Chief Minister said that not a single dose of vaccine should be wasted. He said that the good applications of one district should be implemented at other places also.


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