Gwalior girl sails to Tokyo Paralympic on her ‘#jugaad boat’ of Rs. 25,000. Original para canoe boat costs Rs. 5 lakh which was not available in Gwalior for practice.

Here’a s fun fact: Did you know #PrachiYadav, who recently qualified the Tokyo Paralympic, did her daily practice on a ‘jugaad’ boat for almost three years. And it’s very recent that she got the modern boat for #practice.

Prachi said that her journey was not that easy. “When I started my practice in 2018, there was hardly any #awareness on para players in kayaking and canoeing. Even there was no such boat for para players. In such a situation, the biggest challenge for me was how to start practicing,” said Prachi. For players, there is a special kind of boat to maintain the balance on the water. surface

For several days she could not start her practice in the absence of a boat. “My coach #Mayank Thakur told me that he would construct a #prototype of the boat. I was not sure how to start practice on it. However, when I saw the boat, I found that it was efficient,” said Prachi.

Coach Thakur said that he used an oil drum to maintain balance of the boat. “I fix the #drum with a pair of bamboo on one side of the boat. “It was not possible to arrange a proper modern boat so this ‘jugaad’ was the only option for Prachi,” said Thakur. Prachi practiced on Jugaad #Boat for almost 3 years.

Thakur even constructed the modern boat for Prachi. “Original para #canoe boat costs Rs 5 lakh. However, we have made the new boat for just Rs 25,000. Prachi has been #practicing on it for the past few months,” said Thakur.


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