Corona curfew has been relaxed in 5 districts in the state including Jhabua, Alirajpur, Khandwa, Burhanpur and Bhind with some restrictions. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan had instructed that Corona curfew will be gradually relaxed with some restrictions in the districts where positivity rate of Corona infection will be less than 5 percent.

In this sequence, the District Disaster Management Committees of these 5 districts of the state have decided that the positivity rate in their districts is low. Therefore, they should be given exemption in Corona curfew from May 24 to May 31 with some restrictions. Orders have been issued in this regard.

Based on the experience of these districts, the restriction on various activities will be reduced in other districts also from June 1 as the positivity rate reduces and a strategy to gradually withdraw Corona curfew will be considered.


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