Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said in a message to the people of the state on the management of Corona infection, that I have a feeling of satisfaction while interacting with you today. In the last two months, we all have fought a terrible war against Corona. These two months are most terrifying experience in my life. We have also suffered great losses in this battle with Corona. Many have lost their loved ones. Wounds are deep, and the pain is unbearable. I have deposited the pension amount in the accounts of children yesterday. We shall always take care of the children who have lost both their parents. But today I can say that together we have reached the final stage of winning the battle with Corona infection. We received support from everyone in this fight including the public and every section of the society. All responsible public representatives, social workers, voluntary organizations, activists of socio-political parties extended their support. Be it government employees, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police mitras, different departmental teams, everyone has tried to give their best. All worked risked their lives. I am grateful to all such people. Be it urban people, businessmen, villagers, labourers, workers, farmers, everyone supported us in this fight.

Thanks to Prime Minister Shri Modi

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that today I would like to thank the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in particular. The support that the Prime Minister gave in this hour of crisis is truly remarkable. I cannot forget the oxygen reference. When I spoke to the Prime Minister, he sent Air Force aircrafts for empty tankers. He sent oxygen rails to ensure its prompt availability. Full cooperation was provided in the arrangement of medicines. All possible cooperation was received from the Government of India. For this I am thanking the Prime Minister and his entire team.

Infections is under control but the threat still exists

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that I owe my gratitude to every individual who extended support during this fight. This battle is still to be won. Although it is a different matter that today the situation is satisfactory. In the 75 thousand 417 tests conducted on May 30 in the state, only 1205 tested positive. The positivity rate has been steadily decreasing, reaching 1.6 percent. The recovery rate has increased to about 96 percent. The situation is continuously improving. Not a single positive case came up in Khandwa.

There are 30 districts of the state where less than 10 positive cases have surfaced. Both Indore, and Bhopal city have done their best. Now the new cases are decreasing. But there still are a large number of cases remaining. There are some districts where cases decrease but also increase on the second day. The infection has been controlled, but the threat still looms. We need to remain careful at present.

We are fighting against Black fungus

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that we are also fighting the disease named Black Fungus. We are deeply concerned about the patients of Black fungus. There was a crisis of anti fungal injection. But now its supply is gradually being ensured. We are waiting to send injections to private hospitals too. We will leave no stone unturned in dealing with Black fungus.

Schools, colleges, coaching institutes will remain closed

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the fight against Corona must continue. So we are not withdrawing the Corona curfew right now. Corona curfew will continue till June 15 although we are relaxing it to some extent. Suraksha bhi aur Samriddhi bhi. We have to protect ourselves, but we also have to resume economic activities, so that business can go on, construction works can go on. The poor can earn their bread. Crisis Management Groups whether they are from our district, our block, ward or village, have decided for themselves which activities will be resumed and which activities will not be resumed till June 15. But there are certain activities which will be banned throughout the state. For our safety, these restrictions are necessary to prevent infection. All social, political, religious events will be banned. Sports activities, entertainment, educational, cultural activities, fairs etc. will be strictly prohibited. School-college coaching institutes will also remain closed. Theaters, shopping malls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, theaters, picnic spots, bars, auditoriums, community halls will be closed.

Total 20 people from both parties will be allowed in marriage functions

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that apart from the office providing essential services, the remaining offices will be able to operate with 100 percent officers and only 50 percent employees. Not more than four persons will visit places of worship at a time so that prayers can be offered without crowds. A maximum of 10 people may attend funerals. Only 10 people will be able to take part in mrityu bhoj. Up to 20 people will be able to join from both sides in marriage functions. Not more than 6 persons can gather at one place. Janata Curfew will continue in the entire state from 10 pm on Saturday night to 6 am on Monday. Night curfew will remain in force in the state from 10 pm to 6 am every day. Some districts have further enforced these restrictions in view of the rate of infection there. They will inform the people of their district so that infection cannot grow there again.

Several activities will be allowed in the entire state

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that there are some activities that will be free in the entire state, which means these activities can be conducted. These include all types of industries, industrial activities, movement of raw materials or finished goods in industries, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical insurance companies, other health and medical services, veterinary hospitals, chemists, ration shops, grocery shops, fruit-vegetables, dairy, milk, animal feed shops, petrol diesel pumps, gas stations, LPG, mandi, manure-seeds, agricultural equipment shops and all farming related activities. Take home delivery will be allowed from restaurants and bhojanalayas. Lodging hotels will be open to visitors with room dining. Banks, insurance offices, ATMs, print and electronic media and cable operators, non-banking financing companies, cooperative credit committees, cash management agencies etc. will continue to operate. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, motor mechanics, movement of IT service providers to provide services, movement of ambulance, oxygen tankers in the entire state, citizens and employees going to and coming from hospitals, nursing homes and for vaccination will be allowed to travel by public transport including bus or train. Transportation of goods and material, personal security services, domestic service providers such as laundry, drivers, house help, maids, cooks, etc. home delivery from e-commerce companies and shops of essential commodities will be allowed. All MNREGA related work in villages outside the Red Zone, construction work of rural development and other departments, collection and plucking of tendu patta, fire brigade, telecommunication, electricity supply, cooking gas, petrol diesel, kerosene tanker, home delivery services, milk collection and distribution, transportation of fruits and vegetables, postal and other courier services, single shops in mohallas and colonies, cold storage and warehousing services, all civil repair works and new construction activities will be conducted. Students coming from and going to examination centers, movement of personnel and officials connected with the examination system in the examination center, two passengers in auto, e-rickshaws, three passengers including driver in private four wheeler and taxis with Covid protocol, traditional labour market with Covid protocol at the district level, movement of individuals and goods within and outside the state will continue. There will be no restriction on these. Different district will decide about other activities according to their situation.

Tests and contact tracing will continue to control infection

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that while resuming all these activities, we have also made arrangements for how we will control the spread of Covid infection. We will continue to conduct large number of tests throughout the state. There will be no less than 75 thousand tests per day. Tests will be conducted whether there is infection or not. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan appealed all to cooperate in giving samples, because samples will have to be taken from every part of the district to ensure that infected person is detected immediately. If anyone tests positive, he will be isolated either at home or at the Covid Care Center, if there is no space in the house for home isolation. The second thing we will do is contact tracing. We will test all those people who have come in contact with the infected person by taking their samples so that if any other has been infected, he can be detected immediately. Our Covid Care Centers will continue to operate.

Kill-Corona campaign will continue

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the Kill Corona campaign will continue. I have said to the Crisis Management Committee that our staff will go from village to village. Will detect cold, cough, fever cases and ensure there is no positive case. Full cooperation should be given to their staff. So that if any case of cold, cough and fever is found in the village, we can immediately give medicine, take sample, test it. Timely detection is an effective way to prevent infection. By making all these efforts, we will detect the infection immediately, and not allow it to spread. Will treat immediately. Will make arrangements. This will prevent infection from spreading and economic activities will also continue.

People of the State should not become over confident

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan urged the people of the state with folded hands that they should not become over confident. We have to follow the covid appropriate behaviour. This means we must adopt the necessary behaviour to prevent infection of the corona. So my appeal is definitely wear face masks, keep mouth-nose-face covered with the mask. Life cannot go on without a mask. It is important to make it part of your routine. Not wearing mask is a social crime. If one does not wear a mask, then action will also be taken against him, as it is necessary to prevent the spread of infection. This is important for you. We all have to carry out the campaign that if there is no mask no goods would be given, not talk to one not wearing mask, no movement without mask. Continue to clean your hands with soap, sanitizer. Two yards distance is required. You have to keep it. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that do not leave the house at all if it is not very necessary. Do not go to a crowded place.

Appeal to trader brothers

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan appealed to the businessmen and said that some rules are also being made for shopkeepers, follow them, make shells in front of the shop so that the customers can maintain distance, it is necessary.

Do exercise positively

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that if I can give one more advice, then if possible take a walk in the morning, definitely do exercise. Yoga is a way of increasing immunity, keeping oneself healthy, Yoga provides physical as well as mental strength. Please do Pranayama. Strictly follow all the protocols of corona.

Do not hide if you have symptoms

Keep in mind one thing, if there are any symptoms, do not hide, it is fatal to hide. Get tested immediately, isolate so that you do not become a spreader of infection. Don’t become an infection spreader and also protect yourself.

Do get vaccinated, this is safety cycle

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan appealed to get vaccinated it is a safety cycle. A special campaign will be launched for vaccination. Support this campaign. Some people have created an atmosphere of confusion. These people are not your well-wisher or of society. Therefore, you should also get vaccinated and along with Crisis Committee motivate the people in the village, ward, city to get vaccinated.

There will be a discussion soon regarding the exam

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that I will talk about children separately. A separate group of ministers has been formed for their exam, education. What will be its arrangement, I will discuss soon.

What is this third wave?

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that now there is talk of third wave. What is this third wave? It is our carelessness and negligence that will give rise to the third wave very quickly. Negligence means that we are not following the Covid Appropriate Behaviour. If one is infected, then he will infect ten. Ten will infect hundred and hundred will infect thousand and if the infected person keeps moving then there will be explosion. Therefore, we have to make a very important contribution in avoiding the third wave. We will make all the necessary preparations. Hospitals, oxygen beds, ICU beds, children’s wards, we are working on this simultaneously.

‘We have achieved victory by overcoming the difficulties, we have to be careful. There is still a long battle ahead’

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that I believe that with self-discipline, if we maintain self-control, we will overcome the third wave to a great extent. After all, how long will we close the villages and the cities after the infection spreads. Therefore, adopt such a lifestyle that even though the corona virus remains, it does not spread the infection. Because you still have to live with it. The virus will still exist. Work should also be done and keep the infection under control. This is not the responsibility of the Chief Minister alone. I will leave no stone unturned. I will keep working day and night like this, but you will have to support. As you have given support now. We will work together. We fought together and are on the verge of victory. We fought together after overcoming difficulties, did good work, villagers, city people, common people and Crisis Management Committees. I am overwhelmed. Today, infection has been controlled due to all of you. Still have to fight together. Do not be relaxed. ‘We have achieved victory by overcoming the difficulties, we have to be careful. There is still a long battle ahead.” Do not be careless my sisters and brothers, by being careful we keep working, then we will continue to run things and we will also keep the infection under control. Come, let us unlock life by our behavior and lock the corona.

‘Best wishes and Thanks’


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