Did you know Sulaiman Shikoh was a #Mughal prince and the eldest son of Crown prince Dara #Shikoh. He was executed in May 1662 (Aged 27) at #Gwalior Fort on the orders of paternal uncle, Emperor #Aurangzeb.

On Aurangzeb’s orders, Shikoh was imprisoned into a dungeon in #GwaliorFort. An opium-based poison was administered everyday so that the #prince would descend into madness and infirmity. Many months passed, but Shikoh somehow did not deteriorate. In May 1662, after nearly eighteen months of imprisonment, Aurangzeb resolved to end the threat forever and ordered his men to strangle the prince. Suleiman Shikoh was thus executed. He was buried in the Traitor’s #Cemetery in Gwalior, where his uncle #Murad was also buried.


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