#Gwalior’s Assi Khamba Baoli by Raja Man Singh #Tomar, constructed on eve of his war with Sikander Lodi.

Gwalior later came to be ruled by the Maratha #Scindia family, but the various Rajput clans – Parmars, Parihars, Tomars, Chandels who nurtured it and dominated the tract in numbers, continued to exist.

In many regions Rajputs even if didn’t have their own States, they worked as soldiers, mercenaries & warlords as was the case with Rajputs under Scindia-ruled Gwalior State.

#Jhansi, Gwalior, Dhar were States ruled by a Maharashtrian family & twere soldiered and manned by an army that was predominantly Rajput. In Baroda, the army was Koli dominated.


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