Planting saplings is considered auspicious in our Indian culture. Trees are revered in Indian worship system as they are believed to be the abode of gods. They are the source of life for every living being. What we have understood so far that the nature has borne the greatest brunt on account of our injudicious behavior causing alarming damage to the environment.

Today is the World Environment Day. It is the day for us to understand our responsibilities as a society to protect and conserve what the nature has gifted us. The best contribution towards this is to plant a tree.

Saving environment is not just a day’s job. It is integral to our daily life.

Understanding the importance of our relationship with trees, plants, forests, rivers, lakes, land etc. and living in harmony and peace with them is the imperative of today’s time. Animals, birds, rivers, oceans, mountains, air, light, and forests all are indispensible to human society and Creation of a vibrant society is possible only in coexistence. That is why conservation of environment is sine qua-non of our life.

Celebrating Environment Day should not be a ritual. It should be a day to take a pledge to save, beautify and protect nature and its every single aspect. We are passing through an era when the question of conserving our environment has become critically important. Climate change, ozone layer depletion has posed a major threat to human existence. Preventing this cannot be left for tomorrow. We have to wake up to this cause today with utmost commitment and seriousness.

Now we are slowly recovering from the outbreak of Corona, but for keeping the society free from such pandemics in future we must make our environment safe. Planting trees, can only save our earth for us and our posterity.

I appeal every one that make every occasion of your happiness happier and more meaningful by planting a tree. Plant a tree on your birthday, and give a message to the society to save and love nature. Make memory of your lost loved ones everlasting by planting a tree. Also plants can be the best gifts.

I have resolved to plant a sapling every day throughout the year. I will

protect them and watch them grow into a tree. This is my humble small effort towards protecting our earth.

I extend my hearty wishes to all of you on the World Environment Day and call upon everyone to participate in protecting and enriching our

environment by planting a tree.

I do not say that you plant a tree every day, but planting a tree and watering it daily, is a matter of emotional bond with the nature. It will be a pleasure to watch it grow. This is exactly what gives you the pleasure of bringing up your own child. Your efforts will make the whole humanity better. What Ihave experienced that planting a tree is nothing less than a creation. Let us spread the joy of creation around us. Save the environment, save the earth and make human life happy.

In keeping with the spirit of World Environment Day, the Madhya Pradesh Government has launched a major plantation campaign ‘Ankur’ with public participation. The drive aims at greater absorption of carbon dioxide by trees and release of oxygen in atmosphere by green lungs. For participation, what all you have to do is to download on mobile ‘vayudoot app’ and after self-registration, a photo of sapling plantation is to be uploaded. Citizen will get a certificate of participation and selected participants will be honoured.

I urge everyone to become part of this plantation campaign and do their bit for the environmental conservation.


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