Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that every citizen should be made aware to adopt Corona appropriate behaviour. We will make efforts to ensure that the third wave of Corona infection does not strike. As per the assumption of medical experts, the third wave of Corona may appear in the months of September, October. Therefore, full preparation for treatment should be made. Availability of beds in hospitals, Aatm-Nirbhar in oxygen supply, adequate availability and storage of equipment and medicines, more recruitments to the posts of doctors, paramedical staff etc. and work on action plan based on training should be ensured. The state should be made completely Aatm-Nirbhar to meet the required amount of oxygen during the peak of Corona infection.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was reviewing the situation and arrangements of Corona in the state through video conferencing. He also took suggestions of medical experts in view of the possibilities of third wave of Corona and discussed an advance action plan with public cooperation for relief and treatment of victims. Ministers and officers of the core group took part in the meeting through video conferencing.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the circumstances arising out of the third and fourth wave of Corona in other countries of the world and other states of our country should be studied. This will make it easier to deal with the situations arising out of the third wave in the state. Medical experts said that the third wave of Corona will be weaker than the second wave. The third wave was weak in other countries of the world as well. Medical experts said that children will suffer more in the third wave. There is no scientific basis for this assumption. Children not being vaccinated and increase mutual contact once the schools-colleges start functioning is the basis of this assumption.

Availability of beds in hospitals

It was informed in the meeting that the number of beds of different categories currently available in government hospitals is being increased. The number of oxygen beds is being increased by 36 percent. By August 21, the capacity will be increased to 19 thousand 130 oxygen beds.

The capacity of 2247 beds will be achieved by increasing the number of oxygen beds in the child ward by 120 percent. Oxygen pipeline will be installed in all child wards.

Availability of 5021 beds will be ensured by increasing the number of ICU and HDU beds by 32 percent. The availability of 1050 beds will be ensured by increasing the capacity of ICU beds for children by 99 percent. The task of increasing the number of beds of all these categories is being entrusted to several agencies.

State should become Aatm-Nirbhar in oxygen production

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that construction of oxygen plants is going on in different places of the state for the production of oxygen. The work should be speeded up and monitoring at government level should be done. Madhya Pradesh should be made total Aatm-Nirbhar in oxygen production before the possible third wave. He said that the storage capacity of oxygen is also being increased in the state. It was told in the meeting that oxygen plants of 78 PSA has been approved for the state by the Government of India, the construction work of which is in progress. LMO tanks are being installed at 33 places in the state where oxygen can be stored in large quantities. The capacity of Air Separation Unit established in the state is being increased from 60 MT to 129 MT. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that private sector investors should also be encouraged to construct oxygen plants in the state.


It was informed in the meeting that 4 thousand oxygen concentrators have been distributed in the state. Soon 2,500 oxygen concentrators will be available. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that training should be given for the maintenance and use of oxygen concentrators. Presently 2,112 Adult Advance I.C.U. ventilators are available. Out of this, 1,460 ventilators can be used for children. A total of 420 ventilators from other categories are also available for children.


Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that all the medicines required for the treatment of corona and black fungus should be stocked and an agreement should be made for continuous supply of medicines, if necessary, with the medicine supplying companies. It was informed in the meeting that the supply of essential medicines is being ensured as per the instructions.


The number of 108 Sanjeevani EMS ambulances will be increased to 1002 and the number of Janani Express ambulances will be increased to 1050. Cooperation from the private sector will be taken for arranging ambulances.

Increase in number of doctors and para medical staff

On the instructions of the state government, 904 posts of specialist doctors will be filled through Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. Interviews are being conducted to fill 466 posts of Medical Officers. By July 21, appointments will be made in these posts. In the second phase, appointments will be made on 576 posts of medical officers. Similarly, the process to fill 68 posts of dental medical officers is going on. Recruitment has been done on 1020 posts of staff nurses. 429 posts of para medical staff have also been filled. The process of filling 2913 vacant posts of ANM has been started. The process of recruitment has also been started for 222 new posts of male staff nurse. 68 posts of hospital managers will also be filled through Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. 840 nursing staff have been recruited in hospitals affiliated to medical colleges and 2378 vacancies will be filled soon. Appointments have been made on 855 posts of paramedical staff in these hospitals and 1110 vacancies will be filled soon. Training will also be given to the newly appointed employees through the skill development department.

Positivity rate 0.8 percent

The state’s positivity rate has been 0.8 percent. Yesterday, 81 thousand 812 corona tests were conducted in the state, out of which 718 new corona cases were found. At present the number of active corona patients has declined to 11 thousand 344. The state has come to the 19th position in the country.


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