A small temple just outside the premises of famous Bateshwar temples, situated between Gwalior and Morena. A lot of work has been done by Archaeological Survey of India to erect these totally broken temples, once built proudly by Pratihar – Gurjar dynasty rulers.

Hats off to ASI for such a hard work, done so beautifully. Gwalior / Morena and their surrounding areas are inundated with such beautiful ancient sites awaiting to be explored. Excellent maintenance and upgradation work in progress by Government of India.

New access roads building in progress and excessive works in progress in this direction also. It is claimed that these temples were shaterred due to big earthquakes in past. However in reality we mostly know what Jihaadis have done to our ancient temples in the past.

One can see in the pictures how selectively idols were broken and it all seems to be the handy work of humans and not nature.


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