Making a new experiment, Medical Education Minister Shri Vishwas Kailash Sarang has fulfilled the demand of opening shops of traders’ organizations. He has said that with the slogan ‘Tika Lagwao-Dukan Khulwao’ it will be mandatory for all the shopkeepers and their employees to get vaccinated. In view of this, 100 percent vaccination will be done on Wednesday by setting up a camp for the traders and their employees.

An important meeting chaired by Minister Shri Sarang was held on Monday at the Smart City office with the representatives of the district administration and business organizations for opening the market. It was decided in the meeting that the entire market would be opened in the capital Bhopal from Thursday, for which the shopkeepers would have to ensure 100 percent vaccination. Along with this, shops will be allowed to open only after ensuring compliance with Covid guidelines. Shri Sarang said that granting permission to open the market on Saturday also is under consideration. Traders will have to ensure that their customers follow Covid guidelines. Announcements regarding social distancing, wearing masks, vaccination etc. will be made in the market.

Minister Shri Sarang said that Corona is not gone completely, so caution is very important. Markets will have to be opened while adhering to Covid guidelines. On Wednesday, free vaccination camps will be organized by the government in all the markets of the new and old city. It will be the responsibility of the traders’ organizations to ensure 100 percent vaccination of the traders and their employees. Only then will the market be allowed to open. Market opening and closing time will be as per Corona protocol. With the opening of the market, traders will have to make circles outside the shops. The CST team that will ensure adherence to guidelines will have to be supported, only then will Bhopal win over Corona. Everyone will have to keep in mind that there should not be a situation of lockdown again in Bhopal.

Collector Shri Avinash Lavania, DIG Shri Irshad Wali and representatives of business organizations of new and old city were present in the meeting.


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