Bhopal: In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the state, the doctors of government Gajra Raja Medical college (GRMC) Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh have taken an initiative to start a prospective cohort study on the post-COVID-19 syndrome in the Coronavirus patients after discharge.

A research panel of doctors has been constituted by the GRMC, the team will track the after-discharge Coronavirus patients and will gauge the effect of the post-COVID-19 syndromes on them on the basis of a long-term follow-up.

“A five-member panel of an orthopedic surgeon, ENT (Ear-Neck-Throat) surgeon, physician, radiologist and ophthalmologist has been constituted by the GRMC. The experts will monitor post-COVID-19 syndromes for a period of around one year on the patients who have been discharged after recovery from Coronavirus,” Dr R K S Dhakad, the dean of GRMC told Millennium Post.

“The panel will investigate cohort studies on the patients after discharge, on the various modules such as Mucormycosis, diabetes, being supported on oxygen for a long-time, status of COVID-19 infection during hospitalization, an uncontrolled use of steroids, excess use of Remdesivir and Amphotericin B injections, etc.,” said Dr Dhakad.

The members of the committee are the senior professors from different departments of GRMC. Dr Dhakad himself will head the cohort studies panel. Dr Dhakad also said that the experts would study the post-COVID syndromes on bones (especially on spine and hip joints), kidney and liver functioning, eyes, lungs and respiration function. He added that a process of listing of discharged patients who were severe with Coronavirus had been started, the panel would not only follow up the patients who were admitted to the government hospitals but also monitor the private hospitals’ patients in the Gwalior and Chambal divisions of the state.

In view of rising the complicated syndromes in post-COVID-19 patients and increasing mortality into them, GRMC and JAH have taken this initiative to research the effect of the deadly virus in the discharged patients.


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