Special efforts are being made to make Madhya Pradesh self-sufficient in oxygen production as per the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In this sequence, PSA oxygen plants being set up as an effective way to solve the problem of oxygen supply in the state’s hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 have started functioning. Order was placed by the state government for as many as 111 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Plants based on the unique technology of making oxygen from air for installation in Medical Colleges, District Hospitals, Civil Hospitals and Community Hospitals. As per the order issued by the government, 20 plants have been installed so far.

Health Commissioner Shri Akash Tripathi informed that the concerned manufacturing companies have been directed to install the PSA Oxygen Plant on time. He said that by June 15, 25 PSA oxygen plants will be established, 40 by June 30, 81 by July 30, 91 by August 30 and all 111 PSA oxygen plants by September 30 would be set up in hospitals. This will ensure oxygen supply to hospitals. He said that capacity PSA plants are being set up. This includes PSA plants with capacities ranging between 100 liters per minute to 1500 liters per minute. PSA plants are being set up to ensure oxygen supply in hospitals ranging from 10 bedded ICU hospitals to 150 bedded (ICU) hospitals. He informed that PSA Oxygen Plants have been set up with the funds received from central government and state government.


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